Joining US

                          UrL RED Team

1. To Join Url red you need to contact a current leader of red.      

(UrL x TrAuMaTic)

2.  You're GT must change. (Example UrL x DAKingz)

3. Best four players can make a team and try to go to LAN events. 

4. Daily events/scrims also we will host weekly tournaments.

5. Players will be rotated until teams are strong and all players get along.

6. You will tryout during a gb/umg match so try your hardest.

7. You will be required to have a gaming headset.

8. Must be a very active player (5-7days a week) and must be on the same time as your team. (If you play in the morning and your team plays during the day find a team that can play in the morning)

9. Atleast one member on your team has to have some kind of recording device. So when doing gbs/umg you have no problem with disputes. (phone, elgato, hd pvr, ect.) 

10. Black Team will be the F/A list for RED the will be opportunity's for players in black to make a umg/gb 

Extra info - There will be multiple gb/umg teams. 

11.Competitive teams will have option money 8s,tournaments online and local. to raise money for lan event

12. To be considered to join RED u must have postive k/d of at least 1.20k/d 


 1. Practice for black teams will be Monday-Thursday 1-2hrs.

2. If you try out for RED team and you don't make it there will be opportunities to make a umg/gb team AT SOME POINT. 

3. If you are trying to advance into RED team then you must follow all rules if you break them you cant join.

4. Only the top players from BLACK will advance into red that are committed.

5. The more you show up for practice/scrims/events the more you will be noticed.

6. This team is for competitive gamers who want to take it to the next level.  

7. Players in BLACK have any questions or concerns on any topic can ask UrL x TrAuMaTiC or I Am DAKingz

8. Must be 16+ to be considered for competitive for this team 



1. Practice will be wed-fri 1-2hrs

2. Causal players any age.

3. Players who are not sure if they want to move up or stay playing pubs.

4. Can have open practice lobbies (8s Lobby)

5. This team is also for people that like to pub stomp, chill, and play for fun. 


UrL Team Info

1. All players are required to join are twitter, youtube, website, twitchtv also put who recruited you and the website in your bio also put the UrL clan tag on.

2. There will be open lobbies to all teams.

3. Tournaments will be held on weekends for all teams. 

4. Updates and events will be posted on the website and twitter.

5.If any members of staff catch you breaking rules will be warned and if it continues you will be kicked.

 6. There will be a amateur league that we will host in the future.

7. We will be looking for players for staff on website. 

8. To do competitive u must have positive k/d


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